Axel Engineering

Full range of engineering services in the Forest of Dean from a traditional machine shop

We offer a wide range of engineering services, backed by in-house design and undertake development and prototype projects including machine building for the individual or larger companies.


Engineering products using computer aided design
3D modelling of components
Production of workshop drawings
‘Fag Packet’ interpretation


Surface capacity: 1000 x 300mm
Cyclindrical capacity 200mm x 400mm x 500mm long
Tool grinding
Blade sharpening
Gauge making
Carbide blade sharpening
Diamond dressed wheels
Cylinder heads, car and motorcycle, skimmed
Cylinder head pressure testing


Turret capacity: 900 x 400 x 300mm
Production milling
Boring components
Slotting of key ways
Production of specialised parts


Lathe capacity: Swing 600mm x 2000mm
Shaft manufacture and repair
Thread cutting
Component re-engineering


Sheet fabrication tanks, covers, guards
Mild steel or alloy materials cut formed and welded
Re- metalising

Maintenance and repair

Bearing removal and assembly
Repair of drive shafts
Assembly of machine components
Spark erosion
Removal of broken studs and taps


Small selection of standard section steels for sale

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Axel Engineering Services

Axel Engineering Services

Axel Engineering Services

Axel Engineering Services

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