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One winch fits all...

How about this to reel customers in? We are selling this either as a package with the winch or with the bulldog plate alone.
The plate will fit onto any standard 50mm ball hitch and able to winch all sorts of different items, this will suit many applications and can be operated from any vehicle with a tow bar.

Amazing new winch product - Axel engineering, Forest of Dean

Amazing new winch product - Axel engineering, Forest of Dean

Amazing new winch product - Axel engineering, Forest of Dean

Its all in our heads

Love motorbikes? So do we! We were delighted to be asked to skim the head on a WSB (World Superbike) engine. The customer, an engine tuner, was happy with another great job

World Superbike head skim - Axel engineering, Forest of Dean

Keeping it sharp

This was an interesting project, we were asked to create a jig for sharpening masonry chisel heads. Of course we completed the task on time and on budget!

Perfect sharpener

WRX car parts

We've been hand-making susupension parts, torsion bars and strut ends for a WRX (World Rally Cross) race car.

Perfect WRX suspension parts

Manufacturers don't make it any more? No problem

All made by hand, new parts for a fork lift as the model is now obsolete.

New parts for old 1 Axel Engineering

New parts for old 2 Axel Engineering

New parts for old 3 Axel Engineering

Old school Honda bits

Postal service. Packing up these bushes for our lovely client in Barry Island for his Honda motorcycle. These parts are now obsolete and extremely difficult to source so we manufactured some bespoke replacements for him. Nedless to say he was delighted. Another happy customer.

Bespoke Honday parts at Axel Engineering

Seriously, I want it this big!

Paul takes a design brief for a client in our new office

Axel Engineering design brief

We've moved

We have completed our move to Princess Royal Industrial Estate, the machinery is all in place and up and running.

The move is complete at Axel Engineering

The move is complete at Axel Engineering

Tricky tractor test

We are the farmers' friend! Keeping the wheels of agriculture turning with another trickylittle number, here's Tom Brown burning out a tractor converter plate. No day is the same.

Drill Guides

A brush with bronze

Bronze drill brushes made for a local company. A bit of pink lippy for glamour too!

Drill Guides

Centre ground

Getting to the centre of things with these gun drill guides, another piece of high quality bespoke work! Every day a fresh challenge.

Drill Guides

Tough Nuts

These lovely little things were created as replacements for obsolete parts for the aerospace industry. They started as round Nimonic Alloy 90 bar and then machined to hexagonal profile bar. They were then cut into individual nuts and threaded. Another happy customer!

Special Nuts 01

Special Nuts 03

Special Nuts 06

Seriously Sepcialist

These are some pretty seriously specialised washers made for Defence Aero. They are hydraulic system washers made from EN25, zinc plated and yellow passivated. Nice aren't they?

Hydraulic Washers 01

Hydraulic Washers 02

Shooting safely

Wating to be dropped off at customers is this shiny new gun cabinet constructed from scratch. Needless to say the customer was delighted.

Siezed motor

NOT the daily grind

We take on all sorts of grinding work, this is a clutch basket for racing motobike getting some attention.

Grinding clutch

Joe's hedgecutter shaft

Joe James, a local farmer, came to Axel engineering to help him out of a tight spot when his hedge cutter drive shaft had snapped, at the start of hedge cutting season and rendered his trusty unit out of action. Joe called his local spares provider who could not deliver as the part part was no longer in production due to age. With only the broken part as a sample to copy, Joe brought this down to Axel Engineering who made a new shaft within a week ready for the week end work. Happy days for Joe.

Joes Shaft before

Joes Shaft after

Sailing innovation

We are currently working on a new exciting and innovative product for the sailing industry that will be unveiled in the new year. This will help to carry Axel Engineering forward into 2017.

Saving scrap

Axel Engineering are helping to raise funds for Gloucester Hospital, neurological department by donations received for handy scrap materials that DIY engineers and modellers can use.

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